Our Clients

Realvolve, USA is one of our esteemed client since 2012.
We built entire Realvolve SaaS (Software as a Service) i.e. cloud application right from architecting, developing to deploying and scaling. Beta launched in early 2014, we are continuously building new features for Realvolve and scaling it for large user base in USA and Canada region. Recently, we also launched Realvolve iPhone mobile app in February 2017. We completely manage Realvolve CRM platform i.e. web & mobile application development, large infrastructure and application support. Realvolve cloud Infrastructure involves multiple large Sidekiq, Redis, Solr and Web servers. Here is link to Realvolve platform status page.

About Realvolve
Realvolve is a complete CRM suite and the first predictive customer relationship management system built specifically for real estate brokers and agents. Through the use of proprietary algorithms, Realvolve helps users build strong and sustainable businesses by leveraging the science of propinquity and the active nature of their relationships.   
  • Client Speak

    Kiprosh is our International Development Team for our company Realvolve. They live in Mumbai India. Not only do they allow us to get work done during our downtime - they come up with ideas and solutions that we never considered on our own. They make us better and allow us to serve better. I'm very proud of them....they are VERY sharp, VERY hard working and just awesome overall human beings.
Dave crumby
Dave Crumby
CEO, Realvolve