Our Clients

We got an opportunity to work with 3Qi-Labs, USA in 2013 and 2014 to enhance their primary product "AweTest".

Awetest is a framework to Build, Manage & Execute Automated Testing for Web & Mobile Applications. The software provided by 3Qi labs allows companies to build a web and mobile testing strategy to target cross-device and cross-browser compatibility.

Awetest has 3 sub products - WEB, mWEB and mAPP
WEBAwetest WEB supports all aspects of your cross-browser automated testing across multiple OS-Browser Combinations.
Awetest mWEB provides automated testing on mobile Android & Safari browsers directly on devices or emulators.
Awetest mAPP facilitates automated testing for Native & Hybrid Mobile Apps on Android & iOS.
Naman aggrawal
Naman Aggrawal
CEO, 3Qi-Labs