About Us

Kiprosh is a software product development firm crafting high impact high-performance scalable web & mobile applications. We're a team of 40+ craftsmen worldwide. We are headquartered in Mumbai, India with an office in Chicago, USA.

Kiprosh Founders have a combined IT Industry expertise of 43+ years having Global experience with firms like Tata Consultancy Services, Verizon, Bank of America, Wheels Inc. and Thoughtworks.

Our proven software development and delivery process:

  • Develop and deliver in shorter iterations preferably 1 to 2 weeks. We deployed 36 applications and solutions in production to date. We embrace Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban agile methodologies for project execution.
  • Source code of the highest quality and standards. We use several tools & KPIs to monitor and to keep code quality intact.
  • High code coverage, unit and automation tests for continuous delivery. We do lots of "little" deployments quite often entire day.
  • Daily monitor and manage KPIs, both leading and lagging indicators, for all our projects.
  • Strictly meet budget and timeline. Minimal or negligible support costs. We take this very seriously.
We specialize in technologies like Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, React.js, Ember.js, Javascript, .NET, Java, iOS & Android with a specialized focus on project execution using Agile methodologies.

Our happy clients are our best credentials. Our International clients are consultancy firms, non-profit organization, small medium to large businesses like Renatus, AAECrossRoadsRealvolveGoGoVanThought-Sauce, 3Qi-LabsRayku and many more. Here is our Client List with details of our work.


Rohan Daxini

Founder & CEO

Pradeep Kodical

Co-Founder and President, Kiprosh America Inc.

Shivani Thakur Daxini

Co-Founder, General Manager and HR Head

Martin Streicher

Vice President
Kiprosh America Inc.

Bilal Budhani

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Sampat Badhe

Tech. Lead
Engineering Team

Namrata Ukirde

Tech. Lead
Engineering Team

Prachi Desai

Head of Quality
Assurance Team

Sagar Pathak

Tech. Lead
Engineering Team

Vipul Shetkar

Tech. Lead
Engineering Team

Punit Jain

Tech. Lead
Engineering Team

Yashika Mehra

HR & Admin


Industry Domains

E-Commerce, Real Estate, Consulting, Education, Health Care, Event Management, Automotive, Accounting, Lifestyle and Social Media.

Web Technologies & Tools

Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, React.js, Ember.js, Javascript, jQuery, Capybara, RSpec, Cucumber, Redis, Sidekiq, Solr, WebSolr, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SemaphoreCI, CircleCI, CodeClimate, Codeship, RabbitMQ, Sinatra, CouchDB, BIRT, Crystal Reports, TorqueBox, FB Graph API, BoilerPlate, Memcached, Resque, TDD, CI, Selenium, Appium, Heroku, GitHub, Mercurial Bitbucket, Skylight, NewRelic, Trello, Agilezen, Pivotal Tracker, Sprint.ly, Ansible, Zendesk, Amazon, AWS, EC2, Rackspace, EngineYard, CDN Cloudfront, Cloud management and deployments.

Agile Management Tools We Use

Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Jira, AgileZen, Sprint.ly, Github Projects and Trackive.

Team Collaboration and Communication

Organisation wide we use Flowdock & Slack daily as it integrates with most common development tools that we need like Github, Bitbucket, CircleCI, Semaphore, Codeship, CodeClimate, Sentry, Airbrake, Trello etc. We also use Basecamp and Trackive for effective team collaboration.

Mobile Technologies

iOS, Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa, XCode, PhoneGap, jqTouch, Android, FoneMonkey, GHUnit, Hudson with Xcodebuild, gcovr, Appium. iOS specific - Cocoa touch, UIKit frameworks, Core Data, Core Animation, Push Notification, Storyboard, and Auto layout.

Payment Gateways and Other Integrations

Integration with Payment gateways like - Stripe, Authorize.Net, BrainTree, Chargify and Paypal. Other Integration - Kaltura and Panda integration for video delivery platforms, RTMP integration with Kaltura for securing videos, ExactTarget integration, RabbitMQ Hornet integration for EDI, B2C B2B business development expertise, CMS Refinery and Active_Admin integration, Spree integration for E-Commerce, Canvas integration for E-Learning, Ambassador integration for Referrals, BIRT integration with jRuby applications, Twilio and Clickatell integration for SMS, Zapier integration. Postmark, Cloudinary, Mandrill and SendGrid etc.